Seeker Becomes Rogue Company’s New Playable Character

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Hi-Rez Studios announced that Seeker, the gold medal-winning archer who uses bouncing grenades, has joined Rogue Company! Just like all playable Rogues, Seeker is available for free just by playing matches. Hi-Rez Studios is an industry-leading video game developer at the forefront of the free-to-play, games as a service model.

At age 21, Seeker is already an Olympic medalist in archery. As a young prodigy, he caught the public eye—and the attention of the Rogue Company. Seeker was brought into the elite organization to help with the assault on Jackal’s Hollow base, also out today as a new map (featured below).

In the field, Seeker excels at providing intel for his team. With his signature bow ability, he fires an arrow scanner that reveals enemies. He can also deploy Sticky Sensors in strategic locations and play deadly tricks on enemies using Bounce Grenades. Upbeat and positive, Seeker is a backline asset that every team will be grateful to have.

Seeker’s primary weapon is a Sahara Assault Rifle and an Arren L2-12. His secondary weapon is an A3 Salvo, and his melee weapon is a baseball bat. He has an active ability, an arrow scanner that fires an arrow that will reveal enemies along its flight path. Seeker’s passive ability is ricocheting projectiles that deal 60% more damaged when bounced.

Check out Seeker and the rest of the characters in Rogue Company!