SDGC Live 3/04/21 – Of Pokémons and Switches featuring BronsonLee89

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Switch Pro

This week we were joined by a good friend and community member of the podcast, BronsonLee89 as we continue the trend of opening with some hard hitting topics. With the Hogwarts Legacy developer stepping down due to his controversial YouTube past, we’re once again wondering how to separate the art from the artist, and if that’s something that would even possible at this point. Afterwards, to lighten the mood, we hop into our weekly topic of what we’ve been playing lately and possible Switch Pro. Do people even want a Switch Pro.

The second half of our show delves back into gaming news beginning with Nintendo’s 25th Anniversary tribute to Pokémon. In a surprise Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced it’s exciting future for the Pokémon franchise, including creating a remake of the popular DS games, “Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.” As always, we’re excited to see a new generation of gamers and Pokémon fans being able to experience something they might not have had access to previously. And speaking of Pokémons exciting future, the announcement of “Pokémon Legends: Arceus” leads us into a discussion of finally getting an open world Pokémon game set in Feudal Japan and what that means for the gaming franchise moving forward.

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