Nerds Social Club – Episode 91

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Episode 91

Episode 91 and Ped and Aaron are back for another lively discussion and digging into all the details from the week.

The guys delayed in the recording of episode 91 so that they deliver their instant reactions to the season finale of WandaVision on Disney+ while the emotions were still fresh!

Ped absolutely loved how the finale completely subverted people’s expectations by steering away from the obvious comic inspirations such as House of M, and the character references of Mephisto during the West Coast Avengers run. What he liked most about the finale was that this was a show epitomized about the ability to deal with loss, and live with that grief. That in essence this was show was about the origin of story of the Scarlet Witch with the series needing to focus on her overcoming her trauma, and the self-actualization for the character to be set up for bigger challenges.

Aaron found himself conflicted over the episode, as the weeks of over analyzing, and discussions had set some rather lofty expectations of what the intention of the show was actually about. He enjoyed the finale for what it actually delivered, and recognized where he was disappointed was actually the fault of himself. After cathartically talking it through though, the show really stayed true to what it set out to do, and the reality is, there’s still more questions to be answered and lots of story still left to be told!

You don’t want to miss episode 91, as the lads really delve into the heart of what happened.

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