“Not So Bloody Battle” – Is That A JoJo Podcast? Ep. 8

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Not So Bloody Battle





 Not So Bloody Battle is the eighth episode of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Phantom Blood. This week, the Jojo gang forgot who wrote Born to Be Wild. It’s Steppenwolf by the way. Poco’s sister is still conveniently trapped with Dio in his tower, and Poco’s father is conveniently still alive despite the monster masquerading as him. We discuss how confusing this all can be. Dio’s abilities are related to the machine from The Fly, a hit classic movie from the ’80s. The logistics of Dio’s chimeras are also extrapolated to be the modern-day equivalent of catboy/catgirl desires.

The gang also is introduced to hit character Doobie, a reference to The Doobie Brothers, a rock band from the ’70s. Jonathan Joestar, the gang’s favorite Disney Princess, is also explained to have the ability to Hamon-control animals. This is further discussed by speaking about Jonathan’s origins (potentially for the twentieth time), as a character inspired by Kenshiro from the series Fist of the North Star.

In the journey to Dio’s castle, the Thunder Cross Split Attack is shown to the audience. It’s the titular move of Dire from the pair Dire and Straits (Based on the band Dire Straits!) and has never been blocked before. Woah. It’s done twice– and spoilers, it didn’t work twice. The gang is incredulous that this is being attempted multiple times and not just in Not So Bloody Battle. 

The history of the “Hinjaku, Hinjaku!” as a popular Jojo meme is also discussed– Part 1 being the origin of many beloved memes. Special credits go to “Wrrrry!”, and “Muda, Muda, Muda!” Hinjaku, meaning “How Feeble”, and “Muda” meaning “Useless”. Wry doesn’t mean anything in particular, it’s Dio’s battle cry.

A classic “Pocket Sand!” is pulled when Dire feels the need to throw flowers at Dio. This doesn’t amount to much, and the futility of the move in the context of the show is elaborated on. B-T-Dubs (By the way for those uninformed), Dio has Eye Lasers. More spoilers are given, despite messing up last week.

Discussion leads post-episode to the lack of satisfaction in Part 1 fights, particularly the disappointment of Not So Bloody Battle. Compared to Part 3, the gang agrees that there’s more interest in the fights, and things that take place, but the gang is completely in agreement that they will need to start drinking for the sheer amount of episodes that are contained in Part 3. The gang also talks about hit cultural icon Megan Thee Stallion, and how she actually has done her nails in the fashion of Part 3 characters. A general discussion and love for Jojo is discussed in this episode– where the Jojo love is born, and why it’s not Part 1. The gang worships the Anvil used in this episode, and fans are expected to worship the Jojo Magical Anvil all the same. Space Ripper Stingy Eyes– Dio’s Magic Laser Eyes– is the official first bit of Mckenna’s Horrible Corner, a returning bit for future episodes.

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