Titan Comics Announces The Adler Collection

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The Adler Collection

Titan Comics announces The Adler Collection from World Fantasy Award-winning author Lavie Tidhar (The Violent Century, Central Station) and artist Paul McCaffrey (Anno Dracula) comes a pulse-pounding, gorgeously-illustrated graphic novel of Victorian menace, excitement, and humor in Tidhar’s inimitable style, collecting issues 1-5 of the acclaimed comic series.

It’s the League of Extraordinary Gentlewomen, as Irene Adler teams up with a host of famous female faces from science, history, and literature to defeat the greatest criminal mastermind of all time…

  1. Wounded in the Boer War, Jane Eyre returns to a London transformed by emerging modernity. An old friend, the glamorous inventor Lady Havisham, introduces her to the American adventuress Irene Adler, and the two seek lodging together. But Adler is engaged in a brutal secret war against a mortal enemy. As Ayesha and her Amazons (not to mention her pet assassin Carmilla) take over the London underworld, Adler must form a team of determined women to stop them – before the Empire is destroyed.

The Adler Collection is available in bookstores and comics shops on March 30th, 2021. You can pre-order or purchase it through our ComiXology link.

Titan Comics is a bold new publishing initiative from Titan Publishing, offering readers the best new stories from new and established comics creators – and offering those creators a great deal to bring their stories to a worldwide audience! From editorial to design, Titan Comics helps creators shape their ideas into the best comics possible while retaining full rights over their creations and intellectual property.

Combining unique voices and idiosyncratic visions with strong marketing and a trusted brand, Titan Comics is the ultimate expression of our extensive editorial, design, and sales experience.

Titan Publishing has been a purveyor of comics, graphic novels, fiction, and licensed publishing for over thirty years.

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