REVIEW: ‘Horimiya,’ Episode 8 – “The Truth Deception Reveals”

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Horimiya Episode 8

Horimiya Episode 8 follows up last week with a more in-depth look at how the student council odd couple, Sengoku and Remi, got together. The romantic anime from CloverWorks follows protagonists Hori and Miyamura as they learn about each other and fall in love. Additionally, viewers learn more about their friends as the cast expands. The show is based on a manga of the same name by Hero, with art by Daisuke Hagiwara. The series is published in English by Yen Press.

Sengoku and Remi have popped in and out throughout the run of Horimiya. Last week, Sengoku thoughtfully explained to Sakura that Remi makes him want to be a stronger person. Horimiya Episode 8 gives Remi’s side of the story. The writing can get a bit questionable here: Remi frequently calls Sengoku “weak.” However, the bigger picture shows that it is more that he is “weak” by societal standards.

Remi can see Sengoku trying for her, and that is what she loves about him. Remi was always written off as the attractive girl, beloved by the guys, but what really connects her to Sengoku is how he treats her the same as everyone else. Additionally, Sakura is incredibly important to Remi, and Sengoku doesn’t exclude her. Since so much of this anime is about couples falling in love, Horimiya Episode 8 shows a young couple that is past that. They are in an established, healthy partnership, and become a good foil for the other couples.

On the other side of the coin, there is Hori and Miyamura. Once again, the anime’s use of color tones heavily underscore just how much of an impact Hori has had on Miyamura’s life. Not just because they have feelings for each other, but she opened his world up for a bunch of new important friends to walk in. They are still learning, however, what the other wants out of the relationship. As it turns out, Hori might want something a little “different.”

When Miyamura attempts to pull a bit of a prank on her in revenge, Hori realizes she might actually like the idea of Miyamura being mean to her. While a lot of it is played for comedy, the overall thoughtful nature of the anime does allow for Horimiya Episode to show a young couple briefly exploring kink. Granted, it is far from the healthiest portrayal. The communication is imperfect, and Miyamura is very uncomfortable with the idea of being mean to Hori. The manga goes a bit more in-depthHorimiya Episode 8 definitely uses it more for comedy, so it isn’t ideal. However, after the two got together, it is nice that the anime isn’t afraid of teens exploring sex without it turning into fan service.

Horimiya Episode 8 is a great follow up to supporting cast storylines presented last week. The main couple’s comedic bit exploring kink doesn’t quite stick the landing but has more heart than a lot of others on the market. The anime’s usage of watercolor continuously elevates the emotional moments from the manga for the audience.

Horimiya is streaming now on Funimation.


Horimiya Episode 8 - "The Truth Deception Reveals"
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