SDGC Live 2/25/21 – Finally, a Dozen Playstation Announcements

Reading Time: 2 minutes



In the first half of our show, we rapid-fire a series of important topics that don’t have much room for discussion. However, we thought it was important that we bring them to our audience’s attention. A Call of Duty player in Brazil is killed by another competitor in an incident highlighting violence against women both in society and the gaming space. Next, Electronic Arts has definitively cancelled plans to revive Bioware’s failed live-service shooter Anthem. Finally, a high ranking designer on the upcoming Harry Potter game has a checkered past as a far-right youtuber.

The second half of the show leaves little chance to slow down. It has been a big week for Sony, with news item after announcement after presentation revolving around Playstation. Sony announced plans for a new PSVR headset iteration designed for the PS5. Days Gone is headed to PC, with more Sony first party games on the way. Sony shuts down a large chunk of their internal Japanese development team. And finally, we talk about the highlights from the week’s State of Play presentation.

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