14 – The Emotional Benefits of Gaming with Counselor Jamiere Leslie

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Y’all been hitting that pandemic wall lately? Us too. It couldn’t be a better time to host counselor and gamer Jamiere Leslie for some refreshing takes on gaming through a pandemic. Spencer’s coping by working through half the Assassin’s Creed series, which just HAPPENED to be super on sale in the Playstation Store, and getting elbow-deep in the lore. Meanwhile, Jamie’s cleansing her palate from 200+ hours of Persona 5 with Aegis Rim: 13 Sentinels, a reality-altering JRPG starring high schoolers jumping into another reality for turn-based fights– wait a minute.

Here’s a follow-up article on the Ubisoft diversity debacle Jamie mentioned from 2020.

Then we’re joined by Jamiere Leslie, a counselor based in Massachusetts’s south shore who’s rediscovered her love of gaming during the pandemic. How can you tell if you have a gaming addiction? Can Animal Crossing cure depression? What’s the deal with therapy? All this and more awaits you.

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Looking for a therapist in MA? Check out Northeast Health Services.


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