Into the Spider-Cast Episode 26: Spider-Man: House of M (2005)

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Spider-Man-House of M

As we are both currently obsessed with WandaVision, we decided to delve into the source material with Spider-Man: House of M, a five-part miniseries from 2005 that came as a result of the House of M event across Marvel Comics. What is Peter Parker’s apparent “ideal life” in a reality where mutants reign supreme? How does this comic utilize aspects of the Spidey mythos to explore Peter’s deepest desires? Why does Spider-Man feel a kind of “survivor’s guilt” in this comic, and how does that affect his actions? How does this comic arc parallel with WandaVision and the themes explored on the show? We also discuss the apparent casting news of who Sony wanted for their Kraven the Hunter spinoff film, tell the audience what’s on our Spider-Sense, and much more!

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TW for discussion of suicide from 48:15-52:20

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