“Sorrowful Successor” – Is This a JoJo Podcast Ep.7

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Sorrowful Successor

In Sorrowful Successor, the Jojo gang definitely didn’t mess up their opening bit. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers is discussed as we meet Tonpetty (Har, har), the mentor to our favorite Zeppeli. Zeppeli learns of his upcoming fate in this backstory, and the fate of his battle is known to the audience.
The gang also considers just how accurate this prediction is in the first place. Does Jonathan Joestar really signify a Lion? Or maybe a Labrador? One way or another, our son Jonathan is a good boy. Mckenna, going into a historian trance, relates his tale to the Lion and the Unicorn. A folklore story about fighting, maybe supposed to be Britain and Scotland.
Cidnya is caught in the act of singing along to choice Anime Intro Music before we find ourselves re-considering just how unicorn-like Jonathan is. The Final Fantasy Battle Music makes another appearance in the Jojo OST. The questionable ability requirements of Hamon is brought into question, again. The gang grieves, but they also grow to appreciate how soft big strong burly men are allowed to be in the face of grief. Thanks, Araki, even big boys cry! In a WILDLY different train of thought, J.O. Crystals were discussed personally, and in detail. (J.O. Crystals: https://i.imgur.com/TMwxBsb.jpg )
Mckenna enlightens the gang about how common it was for men in the olden days to dip on their wives and ten kids, going on a boat to sail away and do whatever they would like elsewhere. A baby is eaten in the following scene, but we try pretty hard to avoid making you watch that as a viewer, but it ends up being not that bad all things considered. The episode closes on the strongest move in Jojo’s being executed, and (to an overwhelming surprise from us), it doesn’t work.
We inform the audience of Dire Straits’ naming reference in this episode just as well. The gang makes a dated joke
about Clone High that only existed at time of recording. This discussion leads to The Legend of Zelda comparisons, color theory, things-we-can’t-talk-about, and more after Sorrowful Successor.
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