SDGC Live 2/4/21 – Google Stadia Is Having A Rough One

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Google Stadia


This week we focus on Google shutting down their internal Google Stadia game development studios without producing a single game. It was a move far too many people saw coming.  Because of this, 150 all-star developers are out of a job.  Why do companies like Google and Amazon stumble so hard when moving into gaming publishing? And that’s before pointing out Google’s history of abandoning highly-publicized projects. On the other hand, we’re rather enthusiastic about the long-term future of Microsoft’s competing game streaming service, xCloud.

We also take a little time to talk about what we’ve been playing, as well as the official reveal of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.  It’s long overdue, but it sure is a sight for sore eyes. We argue about the very expensive turbo-nerd edition that comes with everything BUT the game, and we can’t totally make up our minds about the visual overhaul, but we want it anyway. Maybe EA will finally agree to remaster some of their other long-dead games.

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