Nerds Social Club – Episode 85

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Episode 84

Episode 85 and Aaron, and Ped are back for another lively discussion and digging into the all details from the week. Marvel is back, and the lads get stuck in to their thoughts on episode 1 & 2 of WandaVision.

After waiting roughly a year and a half, Marvel is finally back with a bang as WandaVision is released their first two episodes. During Episode 85 the lads go deep and break down all of the nitty gritty details of the show, and why the unique point of view, which is not anywhere near normal in comparison to other MCU properties, works.

You will not want to miss the theory the lads stumble on to during the episode. They may have cracked the code!

Before they jump into WandaVision though, the guys talk about the events of the inauguration and how this could ultimately impact the entertainment industry. Hopefully the rollout of the vaccine will eventually allow some cinemas to open up. Prior to that, No Time To Die, Ghosterbusters: Afterlife, and Uncharted have all been delayed to later in 2021, and into 2022, with rumors that Black Widow could be delayed again.

Lastly, the guys cover some other small news that hit the internet this week. All in all, it was a pretty slow week.

You don’t want to miss this episode.

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