‘Golden Child’ – Is That A JoJo Podcast? Ep. 6

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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, JJBA, Anime Podcast

This week, the Jojo gang watches episode 6 of Part 1, “Phantom Blood”. The content of the episode contains imagery relating to pee, so if this is something that you’re uncomfortable with, we advise you to skip the episode as we do talk about just how weird it is that this was included in the work.

The episode picks up with the Blueford/Brueford/Bloofurd/Blue Ford Ferrari fight. We take a very wholesome turn in reminding you, it’s not cool to bully your friends! We also discuss the movie that Frozen was based on, The Snow Queen, in reference to Jonathan’s sweet new sword “Pluck”. Tarkus, much like Pyramid Head from the hit game series Silent Hill, has a big old sword, and is a big old dude. 

The gang also experiences what Brian understands to be one of the most bs moments in Jojo history, a monumental feat for Part 1. This establishes a new precedent for bs in Jojo, acutely titled “Brian’s B.S. Meter”. The Leaf earns a 7/10. We are briefly introduced to Tonpetty, named after hit artist Tom Petty. Jojo finds himself in a Saw-like contraption as he battles the Pyramid Head-esque juggernaut. We engage the white noise nonsense that is the Tarkus fight, an assault on traditional evaluations of Physics. And then, Poco pees his pants. Aptly said by Cidnya, 100 Gecs’ line “Hey lil piss baby” encompasses most of our feelings about this scene in general. We are forced to see his wetted pants many times, and the gang can’t seem to understand why it’s worth including in the series altogether. We, also, on another tangent, hear some vaguely Final Fantasy BGM.The gang successfully, for the first time, listens to the ending credits on our watch party. Brian also ranks Bruford’s Hair Magic at an 8/10. Turgor Pressure is mentioned.

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