10 – Co-Op Mode: Pixel Therapy’s Year in Gaming 2020

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Year in Gaming

As we collectively drag ourselves towards the 2020 finish line while tempering our expectations for 2021, we’re taking a break from guest interviews this week to bring you a special end of year episode! Join us as we share our completely unofficial picks for this year’s Pixel Therapy Game Awards (cue applause), we just want to talk about the year in gaming. From Jamie’s nomination for Best NPC Hugs to Spencer’s pick for Game That Lived Rent-Free in My Head, we promise there’s a little something for everyone at this year in gaming awards ceremony.

Finally, it wouldn’t be Pixel Therapy without crying. So please allow us to take a moment to share our reflections on this podcast’s first 90 days (That’s it?!), and how thankful we are for all of the love, support, and energy we’ve received from all of you.

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