“Sunset Overdrive” – Is That A JoJo Podcast Ep.5

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The Dark Knight

This week the JoJo gang watches episode 5, “The Dark Knight”, of Phantom Blood.  In our usual shenanigans, we deep dive into the fandom trying to convince people that live-action Dio Brando should be Ezra Miller. (Btw we are not down for Ezra Miller Dio). We had a pretty unanimous fan-cast of the karate kid guy that looks like Dio Brando.

In “The Dark Knight”, the gang encounters a Hamon user, Blueford, whose special ability is called Dans Macabre (original song). Naturally, this leads us to start talking about that 70’s show and fan-casting who would be who in the JJBA adventure.  We decided that Luke Wilson as Kelso’s Brother would be Dio Brando or maybe even Eric’s Sister would be a good choice. 

We mention the Davinky meme,  Spider Man 3, a Clone High / Total Drama Island / Jojo mashup, Herballife, Fred Durst , Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Betelgeuse Minute.

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