Project T.A.H.I .T.I. Episode 100 – “Best Laid Plans”

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Best Laid Plans

Jared and Jess recap and discuss “Best Laid Plans” from season 5 of Agents of S.H.I .E.L.D.

This is our 100th episode, so we start with…being sad about Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s passing (you can tell how long ago we recorded this). So, get ready for a 10 minute rant about the state of politics from about two and a half months ago! Also, we were both just getting some relief from being inundated with wildfires at the time of this recording, so if our vibe is “abject terror,” you know why. Also, there were some technical difficulties, with some distortion, and some plane sounds, and sirens so, please bear with us!

The episode starts with Kree going after the team in the Lighthouse, and Mack and Yo-Yo are taking them on. Mack begins to take the leadership role he’s destined for. The humans took back an entire floor from the Kree, infuriating Kasius. Kasius is confounded by the attack/rebellion, and perplexed by their having a supply of guns (thanks to Fitz’s preparation in the past). Kasius is starting to lose his shit, proclaiming himself the humans’ savior, and God. On the Zephyr the team and Enoch discuss how Flint is going to save them all and fix everything, as Robin’s prophecy has told them. While May struggles with the emotions that come with her newly developed maternal relationship with Robin, and Daisy and Coulson tell her that they can see her as a mom, in a very sweet moment. As Deke prepares to deal with Voss, his father’s killer, Coulson leaves it up to Deke to deal with it as he wants, either because he’s also gone through a revenge arc, or because he’s just not invested in Deke’s future. Voss explains that Deke’s dad and himself ended up fighting, and he only killed him in self defense. While Yo-Yo tries to teach Flint how to use their guns, Mack gets protective of him, wanting to spare him from further violence. Kasius sends a resurrected Tess to negotiate with the humans on his behalf. She tells them about Kasius’s newfound (or just heightened?) God complex, and they realize that he only wants Mack, Yo-Yo and Flint so he can draw out Daisy. Despite Coulson wanting Daisy at full power, Daisy wants to keep the power inhibitor the Kree have given her, and it hurts her to feel like she’s not “enough” for her father figure without her powers.

It seems like Coulson may be trying to rush his mentoring of the team members, since he knows his time is limited and he’s dying. Jemma and Fitz figure out how the Zephyr’s space-ready modifications were made, using Fitz’s designs and with Gravitonium, and they begin to figure out how the Earth was destroyed. While Fitz is coming to stark conclusions and fearful predictions, Jemma centers him with optimism to counter his fear. While they’re pummeled with the remains of buildings from the Earth’s surface May tells Enoch she’s had a building dropped on her before, which we *think* was a reference to her knocking down the building with the Berzerker Staff, but it might be something else? May gets the avionics going and they flee the barrage of buildings and ruins being chucked at them. The team starts to figure out how Kasius is planning to destroy the entire Lighthouse with the hit of a button. On the Zephyr the non-S.H.‪‪I.E.L.D. members onboard get ready to flee to hide in the caves on the surface of Earth’s remains. Daisy compliments Deke for not killing Voss for revenge, and they have a discussion about whether or not killing someone makes them a bad guy, if it’s for the right reasons. We finally get a little more of the story of Earth’s destruction, finding out that an alien invasion precipitated the cracking open of the planet. ‪‪In retrospect, the way they wanted us to believe Deke was considering killing Daisy to save the planet, and how Deke ends up, ‪‪is kind of crazy. They realize that Kasius has them over a barrel, and that they can’t stop him from blowing up the Lighthouse, so Yo-Yo and Mack decide to give themselves up. Flint tells Tess she’s the only person he has, and she looks to Yo-Yo and Mack, and assures him she’s not the alone in being there for him. May has to pilot the space Zephyr through a gravity storm, and makes a “mom face,” as Daisy puts it, when they question if she can pull it off.

Kasius is notified that Tess returned alone, making him even more furious and unhinged, and Tess gives him the message that they’re holding the research floor hostage, showing them Terrigen Crystals and Inhuman blood samples she’d been sent with to drive home that they have control of his future ability to create and manipulate Inhumans. Daisy helps get the Zephyr off the ground when their anchors won’t release for May, and Deke follows her (to make us think he might kill her?). Kasius recognizes Yo-Yo immediately when he comes to meet with her and Mack, and explains that the deal to give the Kree Inhumans was made long ago. Sinara shows up as Daisy tries to release the anchors, and they start to fight in some zero gravity action before May hits the artificial gravity button and slams them to the floor, which is all pretty cool. Deke helps Daisy against Sinara, immediately regretting getting involved, and then Flint shows up where Yo-Yo and Mack are with Kasius. The gravity switches off and on again on the Zephyr, and Sinara ends up impaled.‪‪ Mack tricks Kasius into setting off his explosives, that had all been moved to a single location, far from the evacuated humans, and Kasius is furious as they escape in the chaos, screaming “NOOOOOOO!” like he’s at the end of Revenge of the Sith. Kasius is prepared for the Zephyr’s return, as he reveals that he has his OWN seer (which we know is future Yo-Yo). And Jared’s timeline confusion is made even worse!

And now, as always, Black Lives Matter. As the time this posts, U.S. democracy is being challenged by a dangerously delusional politician who refuses to acknowledge being voted out of office, and now more than ever voting, and voting laws, are important in the U.S.. Visit to help promote fair voting policies and encourage voter participation, education, and reform.

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