Dc Live Action TV Shows Review – Trashed Talk Podcast – Episode 63

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DC Live Action TV Shows

In one of our best episodes in a while, Austen and Travis are joined by Swara from Into the Spider CastThe Middle Geeks in an episode where we talk everything DC live-action shows.

Stick around for plenty of great reviews of our favorite shows from the DC universe, and to hear Austen drink too much wine.

Show notes:

Real news and Fake news segment: Travis and Swara attempt to guess the made-up movie/tv show news from Austen’s presented four.  Listen to hear if our guests were able to guess the false news.

  1. Barney live-action movie (True)
  2. Queen Latifah is playing the lead in an Equalizer reboot. (True)
  3. Ryan Reynolds producing a stoner Home Alone film. Stoned Alone. (True)
  4. A reboot of Face/Off is in the works with Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman (False)

Dc live-action tv show review: The Trashed Talk Podcast cast break down all of Dc’s live action shows since Smallville, talking about why they enjoyed or not enjoyed the ones they have seen, and what shows they would like to see soon.

Birds of Prey
 Swamp Thing
Watchmen (quickly)
The Flash
Legends of Tomorrow
Black Lightning
Doom Patrol

Which are your favorite Dc live-action shows? Would you be interested in an animated Dc tv show review? Write to us on IG or FB and let us know!

Comic of the week: Austen has been reading the fantastic Nailbiter recently, making it halfway through the six-volume series.

The series centers around the fictional town of Buckaroo, Oregon, which has produced sixteen of the United States’ worst serial killers. Its most recent creation is Edward Charles Warren, otherwise known as “Nailbiter” due to his predilection for chewing off his victim’s nails and part of their flesh. By the series’s start, Warren has been caught by FBI agent Charles Carroll, however, Carroll has since gone missing, leaving it up to his friend and NSA agent Nicholas Finch to search for him. Nicholas decides to start his search in Buckaroo, where he begins to question why the small town has produced so many murderers.

Game of the week: Austen and his girlfriend have been having a blast playing Overcooked 1 & 2. A stressful co-op serving game, Overcooked is the game that rewards teamwork. A must-have for a party game or a game for couples.


At the movies with Trashed Talk Podcast: Where Austen and Travis recommend you and each other some fantastic shows and movies they’ve been watching recently.

The Queen’s Gambit (Austen), Bonnie and Clyde (Austen & Travis), King Kong vs Godzilla (Austen & Travis), His Dark Materials (Travis).

End of show

Next week it’s Godzilla! Write to us and let us know your favorite Godzilla movie and why! 

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