8 – Gaming Misconceptions and Musings with Glass Artist Momoko Schafer

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Momoko Schafer

This week, we’re joined by molten glass sculptor and artist Momoko Schafer (she/her)! Momo starred in season 1 of Netflix’s glassblowing competition show Blown Away, and also founded Self Love Social Club, a QTBIPOC-led platform for your healing journey! This is definitely Momo’s first video game podcast, and we’re stoked to have her. We talk about gaming culture through the lens (lol, glass, get it?) of an artist, the growing popularity of Twitch and possibilities in the medium of streaming, mobile gaming, gaming as pop culture, and so much more! It was amazing to talk to a practitioner of one of the world’s oldest and most physically demanding art forms about another art form that is the complete opposite of that.

Meanwhile, your co-hosts can’t wait to tell you about our sparkling new PATREON! We’re psyched to build community with you and hope you’ll join us. We also read our first LISTENER EMAIL!?!? Also, BUGSNAX. Omg, this is a can’t-miss episode.

Find Momoko Schafer on IG: https://www.instagram.com/glassymomo/

Donate to the Fundraiser for Black Mental Health: https://ioby.org/project/easy-activism-fundraising-black-mental-health

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