“The Gang Forgets to Hit Record” – Is That A JoJo Podcast? Ep.4

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The Gang Forgets to Hit Record

This week on Is That A JoJo Podcast?, we had a special guest, Victoria (@cevicci) join us to watch episode 4 called Overdrive. However, the gang forgets to hit the record button and we watched episode 4 without commentary over the show. Instead, we decided to chit chat with Victoria after our viewing of Overdrive. Be sure to watch the full episode before you listen to this week’s episode!

We talk about Mr. Zepelli and what his profession is. Victoria expresses that shooting Hamon through frogs is not cool. The big, beefiness of the JoJo men is talked about, and here is a picture for reference.


This naturally leads the podcast into explaining to Victoria Fist of the North Star. Fist of the North Star set the precedent for Araki’s character designs. The conversation turns into talking about Final Fantasy VII. Tifa is coined a ‘Bruh’ girl and that Aeris is a ‘Hiiii’ girl.

The gang appreciates Zeppeli the most they ever had. During the episode, Zeppeli states that it is his right to be brave and it’s a great testament to the strength of his character.

Funny memes from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure are called JoJokes and we explain that because in the next episode, The Dark Knights, there will be lots of JoJo memes from it. In the name of jokes, they talk about the absurdity of who would live on Orge Street and they all collectively agreed that Robert Pattinson in his tracksuit from that kitchen meme is the energy of Orge street. Also, if there would be a live-action JJBA adaption, Cidnya suggests that Pedro Pascal or Oscar Issac should be Dio Brando.


So sorry for the mistake (The Gang Forgets to Hit Record) on our end but be sure to tune in next time for some hilarious JoJo commentary! Thank you again so much to Victoria for guest starring. Be sure to follow them on Twitter here!