Project T.A.H.I.T.I. Episode 99 – “The Last Day”

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The Last Day

In an odd episode(The Last Day) for us, as recorded in the late afternoon, we begin by diving in to a discussion of the prophetic child, Robin, who the entire episode centers around. The episode, as Jess points out, is disjointed to illustrate Robin’s existence perceiving reality disconnected in time, and accentuates the emotional weight of this episode’s story. We recorded this WAY back in August, so we talk a little about the online discussion of the series finale, and Jess takes notice of Davis being actually really hot in real life, and Jared concurs, and notes that he’s married to Dichen Lachman, so that’s not really surprising. And Chloe posted a photo of Jeff Ward with a porn ‘stache, which ‪‪is so amazing it has to be seen to be believed. We take a brief detour to talk about covid restrictions and delays impacting television production and end up talking a little bit about PEN15 (check out on Hulu!) and it’s absurd hilarity. Also, Jess started watching the next episode by mistake 😂

When we actually get into the show we’re on the Zephyr with May piloting and Robin coming in to predict their immediately forthcoming crash in a gravity storm. We start to get an idea of this episode’s theme/main subject, as Samuel Voss explains that Robin sees time all at once and out of order, and is impossible to interpret or understand. Voss also mentioned that Robin is how he knew where to find them all. May reunites with everyone, and Deke is super impressed with the Zephyr, and a little in awe of Fitz’s intelligence, having retrofitted the Zephyr for space flight. We aren’t sure if Deke knows Fitz is his grandfather yet, but we land on probably not. They return to the Lighthouse where Kasius and Sinara discuss her hunting down “the Destroyer of Worlds,” and he says he’ll take care of the human traitors there on the station, which includes Flint, and Mack and Yo-Yo. And the other humans are being super gross apocalyptic space future Karens to Flint, turning on him and being super bigoted against him for being Inhuman, and a young Black man. Mack puts a stop to it with his Mack-ness, and then we revel in Henry Simmons’s amazingness and physical massiveness with some cast size comparison via Instagram photos discussion. We go back to the team on the Zephyr discussing Robin’s inability to distinguish timelines and eras, and Fitz and Jemma ask everyone to not overwhelm her. Robin says “‪‪I already told my mother everything,” and that “Philip J. Coulson can bring all the pieces together,” and “this is the day it all ends.” Coulson mentions it being a shame that Daisy can’t use her powers, and Deke is shaken by how much he believed has been turned on its head, with the survivors on Earth’s surface, and his father not having died when he had thought. Daisy and Deke bond a little over their father issues. Yo-Yo reaches out to Flint, connecting over the isolation and alienation that came with becoming an Inhuman. Jemma and Fitz are amazed their design worked and the Zephyr can fly, and they notice something they aren’t familiar with, a portal Deke’s dad had made from their design. Jemma and Fitz are *finally* alone, and make out a bit. Back to Robin, they ask Enoch for help, who says the only way to get through to her is to spend days at her side. May wants to flirt with Coulson who won’t have it, and she admits she’s having a bit of an identity crisis, something that comes to a head as the episode continues. They end up having a time travel disagreement, with Fitz sure that the timeline can’t be changed. Robin explains to them, maybe not? Yo-Yo can’t say the alien species’ real name, and sticks with “roaches,” which we can relate to. Samuel discourages Coulson, but finding remnants of a monolith have him hopeful they can find more to get a way back home to the past. They can’t remove Daisy’s inhibitor, Jemma says she can’t do it without risking permanent damage to Daisy’s brain. When Deke finds out Voss was hiding a piece of the Monolith he gets really upset, and Fitz figures out that the time machine needs the Monolith piece to work, and suggests asking Robin how it works. Mack takes care of the Roach with his shotgun axe, proving its awesomeness to Flint, and saves the old Karen who’d turned on Flint, because Mack is a billion times better than her.

Robin and May, in the past, are walking through the Lighthouse where Robin asks about Flint long before he would be born. May wants to listen to Robin and follow her prophecies, and Yo-Yo won’t have it, and doesn’t have faith in her predictions. May mentions Mack, upsetting Yo-Yo, and Robin continues to mention Flint, causing Yo-Yo snaps when she says Flint will save Mack. May asks Yo-Yo to have faith, and she says she lost her faith a long time ago. And Fitz, like Yo-Yo, can’t handle Robin’s predictions, even if he believes them more than Yo-Yo does. Back in the future present Deke mentions that the Monolith shard belonged to his mother, and Sam hits him in the head when he confronts him with it. Flint and Mack and Yo-Yo get all the Roaches in one room and Yo-Yo destroys them to a rad ’80s synth soundtrack, very appropriate for a Chopping Mall fan like herself, and strikes a triumphant superhero pose. Old Robin meets with Daisy, coming full circle with their first meeting, and bringing Robin into their world, when we first meet her and Daisy gave her her father’s wooden robin carving. Daisy tries to ask her about the Monolith and she hides as Samuel shows up, almost as if she’s frightened of him. When Fitz and Jemma figure out the machine’s frequency they discover they’ve been locked inside by Samuel’s men, who tell them if they don’t fight, they don’t have to die. Daisy thinks about how she shouldn’t be powerful enough to destroy the planet. Samuel shows her a video of Daisy arguing and then leaving on a Quinjet right before the Earth “cracked like an egg,” Robin says it’s too late to stop it, and isn’t talking about the Earth. In the other timeline’s past we see Fitz and May arguing about Robin, with May defending her, and Fitz yelling at her, and he says, “we know we can’t fix it, because we’ve tried it time and again!” Samuel tries to kill Daisy, and then successfully kills Robin, who calls May “Mom,” as she fades away. She explains to May how she raised her in the other world, and it goes back to that timeline to see how the pieces all come together, and Robin developing her relationship with May in two different lives and timelines. On the Lighthouse Mack and Yo-Yo and Flint start a human revolution against the Kree. Back on the Zephyr Deke accepts that his father really is dead, killed by Samuel, and May comes out to say that she knows how to save the world, but wants to know “who’s Flint?” And Sinara goes after them with the order to how no mercy.

What follows is a rambling discussion of “timelines” and “versions,” that doesn’t *super* make sense, and we’re very confused the whole time. We discuss this for quite a while, and I’m not sure we get any closer to figuring it out, because there are a lot of futures, and pasts, and we don’t know some key components at this point, and I’m not convinced it makes any more sense when we’re all caught up either. Listen, it was late when we recorded, it was still unfolding at this point in the story, and ‪‪I don’t think it even adds up when it’s done. But we have some befuddled fun tying ourselves in knots with the partial information we had at that point. Bottom-line, we confused ourselves a bit. We finish with a brief discussion of the Batman trailer, which Jared had not yet seen 😂

And now, as always, Black Lives Matter. As this episode posts, democracy is being challenged by a dangerously delusion politician who refuses to acknowledge being voted out of office, and now more than ever voting, and voting laws, are important in the U.S.. Visit to help promote fair voting policies and encourage voter participation, education, and reform.

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