‘Per Aspera’ Launches This December

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Per Aspera

Per Aspera, the upcoming city-builder from Ray Fury and Tlön Industries launches on December 3 on PC. In Per Aspera, the surface of Mars is littered with failed attempts at colonization. The player controls AMI, an artificial consciousness that works to terraform Mars, with the goal of transforming Mars into a human-friendly environment.

Players explore a map based on real geographical data from NASA, harvest resources from the planet’s surface, and experiment with colonizing strategies to transform Mars into a new home for the human race. Per Aspera, which features popular voice actors like Troy Baker and Phil LaMarr, aims to blend hard science fiction with base building to challenge players.

Colonizers must balance a complex well of resources to build interconnect structures that span the entire surface of Mars, customizing terraforming plans with new technologies steeped in real-world science. Plus, cultivate relationships with human colonists and ensure their survival on Mars, forging relationships that will impact your mission’s conclusion. Protect them from a mysterious, threatening presence and defend your colonies from outside forces, immersing yourself in the narrative, or craft the perfect landscape in Sandbox mode.

The game is available to wishlist now on Steam and GOG. The demo from Steam’s Autumn Festival is also still available.