Nerds Social Club – Episode 78

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Episode 78

Episode 78 and Aaron, and Ped are back for another lively discussion and digging into the all details from the week. This week, the lads drafted in the resident Star Wars expert, Astro!

Episode 78 and the guys are talking about the first Mandalorian episode for season two. Also on the docket is a discussion on brand new trailer of The Star Wars Holiday Special, plus new casting news of Oscar Isaac in the title role of Moon Knight.

You don’t want to miss the return of the mouth from the south, Astro, as he unloads all of his thoughts about Star Wars and The Mandalorian. A great episode where the lads actually find themselves split on where ‘Chapter 9’ succeeded, but also where The Mandalorian as a series tends to struggle.

The lads also end the pod with some of the shows, and films they’ve been watching in the last two weeks.

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Here are some of the trailers for the movies, and shows that Aaron and Ped talked about about on Episode 78.