So Here’s What Happened in ‘Lovecraft Country’ Episodes 9 & 10

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The title “Full Circle” aptly describes the season finale of Lovecraft Country, but not in the way I think the writers intended because at the end of the episode it felt like everything that was done had no real meaning.  After successfully learning how to cast a spell to bind Christina, and partially heal Diana (nonsense), it turned out that their efforts were for naught as she found out their plan by forcing out it our of Ruby and killing her. Eventually, Christina is defeated, but not before she also sacrifices Tic, also killing him in the process, Ji Ah sacrifices her soul to eternal darkness, and Diana – a 14-year-old- is made into a killer herself.

At the end of it all it seems the only real point and direction this show had was to turn Leti into the savior of magic and Black people (?), to which I and another throw extremely heavy side-eye.

For all three of us the Lovecraft Country ended up being a disappointment, as there were many issues with the plot, character development – or lack thereof – and narrative of the show. Out of everything that happened we all agreed that Ruby, played by Wunmi Mosaku, deserved way more than she was given as a character. What happened to her felt like a betrayal of the potential the character had for growth and agency. To see her turned into a horrible trope and used as a literal prop for Christina, and tool for Leti was beyond disappointing. It was hurtful and smacked of colorism, which was the last thing to be expected from a show that was supposedly for the benefit and edification of Black people.