“Youth With Dio” – Is That a JoJo Podcast? Ep.3

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Youth with Dio, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Dio Brando, Jonathan Joestar, REO Speedwagon

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We first establish that the Is That A JoJo Podcast? is pro-Weezer. While discussing this Cidnya comes to the realization that within this episode we will see the relationship between Dio and Jonathan evolve in a way similar to Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. In “Youth with Dio,” Dio begins to exhibit his intense selfishness and greed towards Jonathan. We reference the Dio “Oh! No” Marina and the Diamonds AMV that you can view here.

Mullets are back in style because Jonathan Joestar said so. We decide that Dio was just born evil. David Productions animated Dio with a lot of angelic symbolism at the beginning of the episode before he transformers into an evil vampire, his true sexy form according to Mckenna and Cidnya. Michael’s good word of advice from “Youth with Dio” is, “Hey, don’t become a vampire!”

Mckenna asserts that Dio Brando and Emmet Steele from Final Fantasy XIV are the same character. Dio translates to God in Italian and David Productions costume design for him has wings in reference to his set up to his fall from grace. He even says, “I am all but God in name” as if his name doesn’t mean God.  Jonathan tries so hard to maybe see if he can stop Dio from descending into evil because according to Cookie he is, “pure of heart and dumb of ass.”  Fun Jojo fact, Dio is canonically pansexual because he is too selfish and indulgent and would be willing to sleep with anyone who wants to.

Some symbolism that revolves around Dio in “Youth with Dio”  is religious themes to transcendence, death, birth, decay, and renewal. Essentially, the conflict that revolves externally for Jonathan and Dio is Man vs God now. Dio has three small dotted birthmarks on his ear that refers to his devil’s luck. However, Cidnya points out that the number three also has religious symbolism to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Within this episode, Jonathan’s dad dies (the father), Jonathan must avenge his death and take up the mantle of the Joestart lineage (the son), and Dio rejects humanity to transcend into a God (holy spirit).

The main takeaways from this episode are that Dio Brando is evil and some people like that and it’s okay to not! We also talk about how you approach JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is entirely valid! You can decide to deep dive into themes and symbolism because Araki does lay the groundwork to do so. However, if you want to sit back and relax and indulge completely in the absurdity, strangeness, and speediness of JoJo, that works too!

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