Project T.A.H.I.T.I. Episode 98 – “Together or Not At All”

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Together or Not at All

Jared and Jess recap and discuss “Together or Not At All” from season 5 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

“Together or Not at All” starts with some current events from a month or two back, and we rail on Jeph Loeb after an interview with Peter Shinkoda about his time on Daredevil and the Netflix Marvel shows, where we learned Loeb was openly racist, and discriminated against Asian actors. We now know for a fact that much of the quality and thoughtful work on the Agents of S.H.‪‪I.E.L.D. was in spite of Loeb’s toxic, racist influence, and in no way because of it. And Mo, and the crew that she brought together with Jed, are even more appreciated, knowing what they were working with.‪‪ We also mention learning the actor who played Gabe Reyes, in addition to not using a wheelchair, isn’t Latinx, so there’s another gross case of white washing. May and Enoch are both captured by some giant hook/claw machine grabber, and taken away suddenly. Daisy and Sinara have battled in the arena, May is on Earth’s surface, and Fitz, Jemma, and Daisy are escaping to Fitz’s ship. Fitz is super sweet with Daisy, and it makes what’s coming even more difficult to watch, and Jemma’s earbud implant goes off and Fitz helps remove it while Daisy, powerless from the Kree’s inhibitor, takes on a Kree with hand to hand combat. They watch the ship explode, and need a new strategy. Kasius is distressed by his new scar, and his brother looks at him like he’s crazy. Sinara is still mad at Kasius for using her like a weapon that could be discarded, understandably. Also, totally randomly, but “Anton Ivanov” was named “A.‪‪I.,” soooo, that’s a thing.

Coulson and Mack watch them take Tess’s body after the Kree had her killed to make a point. Kasius tries to appeal to Sinara, and uses their relationship, to help him placate his brother until he leaves. Daisy, Jemma, and Fitz escape in an elevator, but when it’s stopped they have to escape out of the top. Cut to May running from “Roaches” on Earth’s surface, severly injured and still standing, and she’s saved from the alien predators by…Enoch, sentient Chronicom, and trusted friend! Enoch explains he’s with Fitz, and there to help, and May remembers him from the diner they were taken from to be sent to the future. Humans are getting their throats slit by Kree warriors pursuing Fitz, Jemma, and Daisy, who notice the open escape hatch, and follow. Yo-Yo and Mack help Flint deal with Tess’s death, and Mack volunteers to talk to him, since he’s Super-Dad. Kasius and his brother have a conversation where we learn that Kasius was shamed by running from battle instead of trying to die for his family honor, and punished by running the humans on the Lighthouse. Fitz opens up the walls and discovers the secret to the Lighthouse’s gravity…Gravitonium from Season 1, and Ian Quinn. A Kree warrior comes in, and Fitz ends up shot, and they pretend to surrender for a moment, until Daisy beats his ass, and they flee in the haze from a busted pipe, and runs into Deke. Deke meets Fitz for the first time, and he has a plan to help them, but Daisy is reasonably skeptical. Mack bonds with Flint, offering to be there for him, and stopping him from turning himself in out of guilt, while encouraging him to use his powers to help others. Mack continues to be the best dad, and leader, ever.

The team reunites, and Fitz explains how he got there from the past “the long way.” While the team members catch up they notice that Flint has “turned himself in,” but he actually used his powers to kill a Kree soldier with his rock controlling power. Sinara tries to use Flint as bait, and the team comes rushing in for him. Coulson shoots Sinara, and Mack hits the Kree on the head with a gas can, and they start shooting wildly. They’ve barricaded themselves in Grill’s factory, arguing what to do next, and they decide to go to Earth’s surface. Flint blocks the door with his rocks, but the Kree are shooting through the walls. Deke thinks to use his anti-gravity belt to help them escape up the rock chute, and they narrowly escape as Sinara and her men enter the room. Flint has a great hero moment, deciding to stay and help everyone left on the Lighthouse station from the fallout from their escape, and Mack and Yo-Yo join him while the rest of the team figures out how they’ll get back to the past/present. Fitz tells Mack that he left a bunch of S.H.‪‪I.E.L.D. weapons hidden in a wall, and Mack complains that it’s on the level infested with “Roaches.” Coulson fanboys like crazy, flying a spaceship. Kasius’s brother taunts him, saying he would take Sinara from him, and Kasius killed his brother in retaliation. He sneered that Sinara isn’t a piece of property, and we learn that Sinara had helped Kasius flee combat years before, and they plan together to earn their way out of the Lighthouse and his lower position in their culture. This is the most likable Kasius is in the entire season, showing his true respect and appreciation for Sinara, and illustrating his situation. Fitz and Jemma’s alone time is interrupted by the ship crashing to Earth’s surface, and May wakes up on the Zephyr, and before her is standing the precognitive Inhuman Robin, now an old woman.

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