Nerds Social Club – Episode 75

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Episode 75

Episode 75 and Aaron is back for another lively discussion and digging into the all details from the week. While Ped is locked up in the Toffee TV studios, Aaron recruited Danny Martinez from the Next Issue Podcast.

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We’re definitely seeing a trend in news dropping all at once! We got some fabulous trailers recently, with both The Mandalorian, and WandaVision. Aaron, and Danny dive into all the little details, and give their thoughts and expectations for both of the upcoming shows.

Also discussed on Episode 75, was the announcement that Disney+ will be producing a Nick Fury style show. The lads give their theories on what this show could possible be based around, and their hopes for who could possibly pop up in the story.

In addition, the guys discuss the breaking news around Jamie Foxx being re-cast as villain Electro for the upcoming Spider-Man 3 film with Tom Holland. Is this an indication that we’re building towards a live action Spider-Verse film? Listen in to find out.

Lastly, Aaron and Danny wade into spoiler territory as they discuss The Boys episodes one through six!

Hopefully there will be more news moving forward as shows, and trailers drop! Make sure to take care of yourselves!

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Here are some of the trailers for the movies, and shows that Aaron and Ped talked about about on Episode 75.