Project T.A.H.I.T.I. Episode 97 – “Fun and Games”

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Fun and Games

Jared and Jess reacp and discuss “Fun and Games”, from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  season five.

We begin this one with saying hello to our friend Regina, and giving a shout out to Coulson sitting in the director’s chair for this episode. We find out about what May’s been up to, but first we get to know a future kid named Flint a lot better by getting a look at his life in the Lighthouse. He barters with Grill, and Grill shows a little bit more compassion and generosity than he has until this point. We’re extremely derailed by a Rizzoli Isles DVD cameo (?!) for a moment, but it was worth it for the laughs.

The Kree find Flint and take him away, and through talking to Tess we learn that the Kree are “harvesting” the children, meaning they’re taking Inhuman kids to activate their powers and use them in gladiatorial combat. Fitz’s Boushh-like marauder identity is called Boshtok. Coincidence? Also, we talk about how the show has evolved so slowly that we never really noticed it had become Star Wars/Star Trek level sci-fi. We talk a little about how Joel Stoffer, AKA Enoch, is joining Stranger Things for the next season, and how this episode is where we really started to dig our Chromicom friend.‪‪

Fitz has infiltrated the Kree nobility dining with Kasius before they watch a battle in the arena, and tries to connect with Jemma, but has no idea that the Kree have already made her unable to hear him. Kasius explains what’s up with Jemma being a time-traveling servant to Fitz, and fetishizes Jemma a bit, and its all very gross and weird. Fitz plays up his morally ambiguous marauder character, and Kasius lays down what the harvest of the Inhuman population is all about. Meanwhile, Flint is worried about being exposed to the mists a couple of years early, and Yo-Yo feels for them, relating her own experiences with the trauma of Terrigenesis. We learn that Kasius was exiled from Hala and his brother inherited their empire. Daisy and the mind-reading Inhuman Ben are talking, and he is resigned to living as a slave to the Kree and warns Daisy that he won’t hold back if they have to fight. Fitz covers for not eating alien slug by acting like he hates the super rich, and it was some quick thinking and had a ring of truth to it. The super douchey Kree/alien rich dude, Gaius Ponarian, in this episode, is played by character actor Patrick Fabian, and he was on EVERYTHING over the years, *including* Rizzoli and Isles. Flint was spared by Yo-Yo, and Coulson figured it out, and they explain to him that Yo-Yo is an Inhuman as well, and Flint reveals that the other humans are told that Inhumans are treated really well. Flint asks if Mack’s an Inhuman too, but Yo-Yo explains that he’s just “really cool.” Damn right! Yo-Yo and Mack are starting to bond with Flint, taking him under their wing. Kasius finds Fitz’s grim cover identity “refreshing,” relating to his apparent rage, sociopathy, and cruelty. He gives Fitz a front-row seat for the arena, but Ben doesn’t fight another Inhuman, he faces off against May! Kasius gets information about his family, and we begin to see that Kasius is an outcast, and for all his power on the station over humans, he is not well-liked in Kree society and owes his position to a caste system. What’s made clear is that no one on the station wants to be there. We make some unavoidable parallels between Kasius and Trump, but the less said there the better.

Ben’s telepathy makes him a formidable match for May, able to predict her every move. He’s not cruel, but he’s ruthless and completely devoid of hope. May makes eye contact with Fitz, who disrupts the fight and gets it canceled, and May sent to the Earth’s surface. Is Fitz’s cover less a cover, and more him relating to Kasius through his time in the Framework? Grill asks Tess if she’s seen Flint, and threatens her with severe consequences, but she denies knowing anything. Yo-Yo and Mack relate to Flint, Yo-Yo explaining her own Terrigenesis, and Mack revealing how much he loves tacos (what kind of future has no tacos?).

Yo-Yo’s characterization is excellent, and she’s given more space to be a fully realized character independent from her relationship with Mack. We reflect on Yo-Yo’s development, and how it’s been strong, but hasn’t gotten as much time as many other characters. Our conclusion: we wasted SO much time on Lincoln. Grill shows up and says he was on to them, knows that Yo-Yo took Flint, and plans to sell him to Kasius. Kasius knows that Ben betrayed him and deceived him, and he has Sinara make a public example of him. Daisy says it was her fault and Kasius says he will deal with her later. Flint’s powers respond to his reaction to Grill torturing Mack and Yo-Yo. Daisy and Jemma talk a little about Fitz being hot as a bounty hunter/marauder, but Jemma prefers him in a cardigan. Flint uses his powers to protect them from Grill but accidentally kills him with a boulder. Fitz is furious that he can’t bid on Daisy, but Kasius insists it will be more interesting to add his brother to the mix.

The Kree misses the team hiding behind Grill’s door and somehow go unnoticed. Kasius’s douchey brother arranges for Daisy to fight against Sinara, intending to sacrifice her to show Daisy’s power. Coulson and Mack look for Tess and find her dead, left to draw out Flint, and it’s pretty much horrible fridging, and not acceptable. Kasius’s brother “Faulnak” (?) is initially unimpressed with Daisy, but she kicks all sorts of ass, though it doesn’t really phase Sinara’s badass self. Fitz, Jemma, and Daisy go ape shit, and Fitz kills a bunch of folks in the arena box, and Jemma slits Kasius’s throat and then escapes with Fitz in a fairly Star Wars-y move. Enoch pretends to be a Kree in the last moments of the episode and is absolutely hilarious when doing so.

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