So Here’s What Happened in ‘Lovecraft Country’ Episodes 3 & 4

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Lovecraft Country podcast

Lovecraft Country continues to be an unpredictable rollercoaster ride where viewers never see the turns coming until we’re already in the corner. In episodes 1 and 2, we learned that Tic has a connection to the Braithwhite family through his mother’s ancestry, which ultimately proved to what saved him in the end when Braithwhites attempt to go to Eden, went horribly wrong. In the previous episode of So Here’s What Happened in Lovecraft Country!, LaNeysha  and I discussed how the happenings of the first two episodes handily laid the foundation for great characters and world building, and got into all the little clues that caught our eye, and gave theories about what may or may not happen throughout the show’s run.

In this new episode, I’m joined by writer and journalist Kellee Terrell, to discuss episodes 3 & 4, which had everyone in a tizzy on social media. We got into how we related to the inclusion of Black spiritualism, how impressed we were with the acting in the show and also the things we aren’t so impressed with such as what happened to Yahima at the end of episode 4. And just because we couldn’t help ourselves, Kellee and I got into what took place in episode 5 :Strange Case, because it’s such an interesting episode to talk about. But only just a tad. There’s still a whole lot more to discuss in our third podcast episode.

We know that one of the main themes of the show the history of Black people is one filled with pain, but also strength and perseverance, as demonstrated when the spirit of Hannah – Tic’s maternal ancestor – lead him out of the crumbling mansion. And once again in episode 3 titled “Holy Ghost“, the connection that spiritual connection that Black people have to our past and religions, is what saves Leti when the house she moves into, turns out to be haunted.

As the name implies, Holy Ghost went deep into the supernatural and spiritual genres with style, scares and swinging bat. Leti determined not to let the ghost of the evil man who had murdered innocents there, takes matters into her own hands literally when she forms a prayer circle with the spirits of the deceased victims. With the power of them and the ancestors Leti casts the demonic presence from her home, and freeing the spirits from their torment.  This episode belonged to Jurnee Smollett, who gave a powerful performance.

In A History of Violence, the fourth episode, the tone was very much a mix of mystery mixed with action adventure very much in the vein of films like Indians Jones and Angels & Demons series. Leti, Tic and Montrose had to solve clues and avoid multiple booby traps, that eventually led them to a hidden ship’s cabin frozen in time. With their discovery, they learn just how truly horrible Titus was. They discover that Titus along with being a slave trader, he was colonizer (not shocking at all ) who raided islands and countries in the Caribbean and South America. In his quest to find Eden, he traveled until he found an indigenous tribe, the Arawak, where one individual Yahima, helped him translate the coded language of Adam, until they found out dangerous he was. But it was too late. What happens to Yahima after she awakens, was awful and disheartening, and revealed a side to Montrose that’s dark and ruthless.