Project T.A.H.I.T.I. Episode 96 – “Rewind”

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Jared and Jess recap and discuss “Rewind” from their Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 5 re-watch.

It’s a fast-paced, fun, Fitz-filled, silly episode, and our real introduction to Enoch, sentient Chronicom, and trusted friend. We figure out where Fitz went after the rest of the team are sent to the future against their will, and without their knowledge, and get to know an important S.H.‪‪I.E.L.D. character who will always remind us is *not* a robot! Fitz struggles with his search for the rest of the team until he accepts Robin and her Inhuman gift and the magical kind of world they live in and the logic and reason he tries to apply to a chaotic, and impossible/magic universe.

Where we left off Talbot was comatose and believed to be shot by Daisy (and our timelines are *totally* jumbled from this time travel and the framework, and multiple story arcs per season are throwing us off big time). We pick up where Fitz is left alone at the diner when everyone else was taken to be sent to the future. He gets interrogated by Talbot’s replacement, Brigadier General Hale, but can’t cooperate because he literally knows nothing, breaking him down, and he agrees to use the considerable resources of his mind to help them figure out what happened to the team, and they put him to work in his cell. Enter: research montage! When he’s brought in to report on his findings Fitz considers that he might have just lost his mind, but when he’s assured the other customers in the diner had lost time as well, he remembers a high pitched noise before their disappearance. He makes a request to send in letters to a football/soccer fanzine, which seemed innocent enough that they obliged, but Fitz wasn’t just venting about his favorite sport, as we soon see. He keeps track of time with monkeys, and scrawls equations all over the walls.

As time goes on his hair and beard grow and he keeps reading his football fanzine, and doing his research, for six months, when he suggests they were abducted by aliens. When they had just decided to stop giving him a chance his “lawyer” showed up, and it’s Hunter, having gotten secret messages from Fitz in the letters to the football ‘zine! Hunter busts him out, literally, by blowing a hole through the wall. As they flee toward the helicopter pilot Hunter had brought in, he crashes, and they’re forced to run on foot to Hunter’s “plan B,” an RV. After Fitz catches Hunter up he refers to AIDA as a sex robot, and flusters the hell out of Fitz, given his history with Ophelia. ‪Fitz verbalizes that he worries the universe is keeping him and Jemma from being together. In his research of the events surrounded the team’s abduction Fitz notices the vans/trucks changing the graphics as they approached and left the scene, and figured out who took them, tracking down Enoch.

They discover his home, the drawings on his fridge, and footage of a monolith taking the team, before encountering him, and getting his introduction schtick. He sent them to fulfill the prophecy, and assures them he only intends to help. He connects them to Robin, the seer, and the source of prophecy, and Fitz begins to see what’s going on. They show us that those drawings on Enoch’s fridge were predictions made by Robin. Enoch helps them escape the people after them and go to the lighthouse, all based on the prophecy, and explains that he only intervened when he did because they were facing an extinction level event. This is where Fitz questions if he didn’t get sent to the future because he no longer deserves to be with Jemma, and when he asks Robin why he was left out of the prophecy, and her mom explains that she experiences the past, present and future all at once. We get hints of May’s relationship with Robin as her adoptive mother, and one of the drawings has a bunch of bodies on the ground, and we don’t know exactly what that’s foreshadowing. They end up having to return to Brigadier General Hale’s compound to get Fitz to the rest of the group, and he ends up in a ridiculous southern disguise. They end up using Hunter’s hillbilly American allies to their advantage, and release a bunch of ferrets to distract them and then find what they were looking for, the Zephyr!

Fitz and Hunter secure the Zephyr even while they’re outmatched by Hale’s sheer numbers, but flee in a rad escape, and a much needed win. Hale executes her lackeys mercilessly. At the Lighthouse Fitz prepares for his “trip” to the future by putting a cache of S.H.‪‪I.E.L.D. weapons and supplies (including Mack’s shotgun axe), in a wall and then gets into the device that will reunite him with Jemma…Enoch’s cryo-chamber! T

hey’re freezing our boy to get him to the future! Also, the multiple timelines are boggling our minds (how many Enochs are there by the end?) Fitz and Hunter have a great Han and Leia moment, and as Fitz is thawed out in the future Enoch prepares him for his role posing as space scum, and Fitz assures him he’s ready for it. We close out the episode with some gushing about Enoch, and his actor Joel Stoffer, and being totally tangled into an impossible time travel/timeline knot.

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