‘Metamorphosis’ Launches on Consoles and PC Today

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All in! Games has announced that Metamorphosis, a narrative adventure inspired by Franz Kafka’s classic novella, is now available on PC (Steam and GOG), Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4. The PC, Switch, and Xbox versions will all have a 10% discount until August 19. Metamorphosis has a unique point of view since the player is the size of a bug, requiring a new approach to level-building, player guidance, and locomotion from the developers.

“We absolutely wanted to emphasize the feeling of being a bug,” said the Ovid Team. “A lot of things were tried unsuccessfully. We finally managed to set the scale and guidance in a way that expressed the ‘buggy’ feeling of the movement. We are very proud of the locomotion we ended up with. But what we are most proud of is the consistency of the art, gameplay, and story that we maintained. Such a unique combination of these elements is found nowhere else.”

In Metamorphosis, players control Gregor, a man who has morphed into a tiny insect, and set out on a journey to unravel the mystery of his transformation. The game is a first-person adventure set in a surrealist world where your newfound abilities are your only hope for redemption as you explore challenging environmental puzzles with unique movement mechanics.