Episode 41: BNA: Brand New Animal (2020)

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BNA Netflix

In this episode our host dive into the latest Netflix original animeBNA: Brand New Animal by Studio Trigger. They get into deep discussions on how this anime is a great message for all ages as it explores race, prejudice, and microaggressions. The amazing animation of the action scenes, their favorite characters, and much more. In addition to how the Netflix agenda to turn anime fans into furries continues as Kate and LaNeysha thirst after the handsome white-haired collared leading man of the series.

About the BNA: Brand New Animal anime: The story takes place in the 21st century where anthropomorphic animals called Beastmen, who had been living in the shadows of history, finally come to light. One day, Michiru Kagemori, a normal high-school student, suddenly transforms into a tanuki Beastman. To escape from Beast Hunters, she makes her journey to Anima City, where Beastmen can live in peace as themselves. There, Michiru meets a wolf Beastman named Shirou Ogami who investigates the truth behind her transformation. How did Michiru become a beast? The two dive into this unexpected mystery, and even deeper secrets rooted in the origins of the city.

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