Episode 38: Manga Book Club – Spy X Family Vol. 1

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Spy X Family Manga Book Club

In this episode, Kate and LaNeysha kick off their newest segment Manga Book Club with a discussion and review of the action-comedy manga from Shonen Jump, Spy X Family. Published in English by VIZ Media from mangaka Tatsuya Endo, the series follows world-class spy, codename Twilight, on a top-secret mission to “build a family” in order to prevent a war from breaking out. He takes on the persona of Loid Forger to establish a family to infiltrate a prestigious school and get intel on a target. However, while building his family he unknowingly adopts a daughter with telepathic powers and the woman he agrees to be in a fake marriage with is actually a deadly assassin.

This was the perfect manga for Kate and LaNeysha to kick off Manga Book Club. It has everything from great action, good comedy, and an interesting premise this series has instantly become one of their favorite manga of 2020. In this episode, you can listen to the ladies get into their thoughts of Volume 1, their favorite characters, and more.

You can read the full written review of Spy X Family here. 

Spy X Family Volume 1 is available from booksellers now.