Episode 37: “Now Kiss!” – What We Love and Hate About Anime/Manga Romances

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manga romances

This week, we’re talking all about anime and manga romances – what we love and of course, what we hate. In this episode, we break down how romance in manga differs based on which demographic they’re made for and in doing so cover our favorite romances from shojo, josei, and yes, even shonen. We also dive into the tropes that pop up in romances and explain which ones land – like workplace romances – and which ones leave us frustrated – looking at you kissing on the last page of the last chapter of a shojo series.  But through it all, we talk about a manga genre that offers up a variety of experiences for readers. Some of the ones we talk about: Toradora, The Artist and The Beast, InuYasha, Midnight Secretary, Blue Spring Ride, and a bunch more!

Be warned though if you’re listening with younger weebs in the car or at home – we also tackle the big wide world of josei smut and how it can offer up some of the most problematic and some of the best romances in anime and manga. Now, we don’t jump into boys love (yaoi) or girls love (yuri) because we think each of those deserve their own episodes to discuss the dynamics of those romance manga stories.