‘Final Fantasy XIV’ Event Collaborates with ‘Final Fantasy XI’

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Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers

The Maiden’s Rhapsody: Memories of an Unseen Realm collaboration event has returned to the land of Eorzea, bringing the worlds of Final Fantasy XIV Online and Final Fantasy XI Online together for a limited time.

Until June 22, Final Fantasy XIV Online players taking part in the in-game event will be tasked with aiding Remumu, a reporter for the Harbor Herald. Remumu is hot on the heels of her latest story and needs the help of a brave adventurer to ensure her safety while investigating.

Players who participate in this event will be able to unlock the exclusive Amatsu armor set, worn by Final Fantasy XI Online heroine, Iroha. The full armor set consists of Amatsu Hachigane, Amatsu Togi, Amatsu Tekko, Amatsu Haidate, and Amatsu Sune-ate.

Players can kick off their participation in the event by traveling to the Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks and speaking to Remumu to begin the quest A Journey to Remember. Any players that have previously completed the content will be unable to do so again.

More information is available on the website.