‘Medieval Dynasty’ Details Revealed

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Medieval Dynasty

Toplitz Productions has revealed more information about their upcoming feudal survival/life-simulation game, Medieval Dynasty, with a new Developer Diary video.

In the video, a member of the development team gives an overview of Medieval Dynasty’s differences from other simulation games. Viewers will explore how players start out – not as kings and queens, but as peasants who work to build their small hovel into a thriving medieval town.

Through crafting, interactions with locals, and resource management, budding medieval rulers will go from a lowly peasant to Lord of the Land, all while surviving brutal winters, sweltering summers, and the daily dangers that were a part of life in the middle ages.

The land of Medieval Dynasty is ruled by nobles and the clergy. Trade between the nations has introduced not only prosperity, but envy, greed, and distrust as well. Use the ever-changing landscape to turn your small plot of land into a home, a village, and a kingdom that will stand the test of time.

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