Tyrael Funko Pop! Now Available for Pre-Order

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Tyrael Funko POP

The GameStop exclusive Tyrael Funko is now available for pre-order. It is scheduled for release on May 26 for $11.99.

From Diablo, among the angels of the High Heavens, it is the Archangel of Justice Tyrael who is humanity’s greatest defender. Wielding his sword El’druin against the Burning Hells, the Prime Evils would have enslaved Sanctuary and all of humanity long ago if Tyrael had not intervened. Despite his fame as a warrior with few peers, he is at all times fair and impartial, as justice itself may be. Now the Aspect of Wisdom is a mortal angel. He is a stalwart defender of Sanctuary and mankind but is considered a renegade by the Angiris Council.