Nerds Social Club – Episode 69

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Episode 69

Episode 69 and Ped, and Aaron are back for another lively discussion and digging into the all details from the week.

With very little movement going on in the world of nerd, Ped and Aaron catch up on all of the shows they’ve been watching. Due to Aaron working from home, he gives Ped the rundown of all of the shows and movies he’s been catching up on. Plus Aaron interview Rich Douek from IDW Publishing about his upcoming series, Sea of Sorrows.

Some of the shows, which we’ve included trailers listed at the bottom of this page, include Hunters, Doctor Sleep, Alita: Battle Angel, Edge of Tomorrow, Oblivion, Birds of Prey, Guns Akimbo.

The lads also discuss the impact of the big Disney / Marvel shuffle, as the MCU movies all move back one movie slot each, as Black Widow hopes to air in the cinemas in November. Some Disney movies however, have been announced to feature exclusively on the Disney+ platform.

In the latter part of the episode Aaron got to sit down and chat with Rich Douek, the author of the upcoming series Sea of Sorrows. The series focuses on a disreputable crew of salvagers on the hunt for sunken Nazi gold. What they find in the depths of the under water caverns will definitely come back to haunt them. Listen in as Rich explains of his plans for the series, and what he was hoping to achieve by telling this story.

Episode 69

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Here are some of the trailers for the movies, and shows that Aaron and Ped talked about about on Episode 69.