Carolyn Talks With…Shelby Page and Avery Plewes, 2020 CAFTCAD Awards Nominees

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Shelby Page and Avery Plewes, 2020 CAFTCAD Awards Nominees

On March 1, 2020 The Canadian Alliance of Film & Television Costume Arts and Design – CAFTCAD held its second award ceremony for Canadian costume professions. After the ceremony, I spoke with two of the nights nominees, Shelby Page and Avery Plewes.

Shelby Page was nominated for Excellence in Crafts – Costume Illustration for her work on the hit Netflix show Wu Assassins. Shelby Page has also worked on other popular genre shows the two most recent being season 2 of Altered Carbon, and the television adaptation of Snowpiercer.

Avery Plewes who was nominated for Best Costume Design in Film – Contemporary for Ready or Not, and J.T. Leroy. Avery won the Judy for Ready or Not. During our interview, Avery and I discussed her method of designing and constructing the famed wedding dress worn by Samara Weaving, her work as a costume buyer and what inspires her as a designer.

About Avery
Avery is a critically acclaimed Costume Designer, Illustrator, and Creative. She is a member of IATSE Local 873, and represented internationally by Worldwide Production Agency.