Nerds Social Club – Episode 63

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Episode 63

Episode 63 and Ped, and Aaron are back for another lively discussion and digging into the all details from the week. Huge thanks to Podcorn for sponsoring this episode. Explore sponsorship opportunities and start monetizing your podcast by signing up here!

Some small, but exciting news from this week, the guys have launched the Nerds Social Club Facebook, and Instagram pages. Please check them both out and give us a like and a follow!

As so is often the way, the lads open the show with a catching up session, and quickly get distracted by a topic. This week, that topic is CGI. Aaron discusses his plans of taking his family to see the Sonic movie, and the positive reaction to the CGI enhancements. This led into an excellent discussion of two videos we’ve linked at the bottom of this page. The first being the “Deepfake” video which shows Tom Holland, and Robert Downey Jr. as Marty McFly, and Doc Brown from Back to the Future. The second video came from the Corridor Crew who attempted to fix the worst, in their opinion, VFX shot in history, the entrance of the Scorpion King the Mummy Returns.

Not long before the guys were due to record, Westworld season three dropped a mega trailer! Aaron and Ped excitedly break this one down. The upcoming season has a lot of pop culture references, and there’s a good amount of time spent admiring what the plot line could be. March 15 is just around the corner.

Also discussed this week was the sneak peak clip of Stranger Things season four that dropped the day after we released episode 62. It’s always the way with this stuff!

Ped, and Aaron, discuss whether it was a smart move for Netflix to reveal that Hopper is still alive, and what the impacts of this decision can mean.

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Videos discussed on Episode 63

Tom Holland, and Robert Downey Jr. ‘Deepfake’ in Back to the Future.

The ‘Corridor Crew’ take one day to fix the Scorpion King’s terrible CGI from the end of Mummy Returns.