New Sayri: The Beginning Teaser Game Trailer is here.

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Sayri: The Beginning

Sayri: The Beginning now has an official game page on Steam with the brand new Game Trailer.  The journey will be filled with beautiful sceneries and challenging puzzles as you help Sayri discover a new home. Sayri: The Beginning aims to warm your heart and whisk you away on a colorful journey to a new home, filled with emotion and wonder. Experience a beautiful, living world where friendship is the only recipe for surviving the unknown.

The game’s key features a story of wonder, friendship, and overcoming loss. Additionally, the game pushes you to explore a gorgeous, handcrafted world brimming with adventure. In the game, you’ll befriend intriguing alien creatures and learn to put your faith in their unique talents and solve organic puzzles lovingly blended within the game’s environments. You’ll also overcome obstacles using Sayri’s telekinetic powers and the help of your new friends. Throughout, you’ll discover many secrets and unlock new abilities and uncover the truth behind what happened and find a new home for Sayri.