Nerds Social Club – Episode 60

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Episode 60

Episode 60, can you believe it? 60 episodes! Ped and Aaron reflect on what seemed to be a slow news week, and yet turned into a brilliant deep dive discussion.

The guys discuss the news that parts of Europe will now be getting Disney+ a week early, as well as pricing structure, and what our pals can hope to expect moving forward.

On top of this news, it was also announced the National Treasure would finally get the trilogy movie so many people have been asking for on Disney+. Will we finally discover what was in the ‘Presidents Book of Secrets’ ?

Sticking with Disney+, the guys dive into some very early Marvel news that indicates we could be getting two new shows. One of those appears to be a Secret Invasion show centered around a faction of Skrulls infiltrating key members, and heroes, of Earth. The other show is still unknown, and Ped and Aaron try to figure out who it could be about.

While Marvel has enjoyed success, and gears up for a year in 2020, Star Wars is in a state of fluctuation. Just before the lads were set to record, it was announced that the Obi Wan Kenobi show has currently been placed on hold as the script seems to be too closely mirrored to events from The Mandalorian. The guys talk about the yo-yo nature of being a Star Wars fan, and what could help steady the ship moving forward.

Lastly, Episode 60 features two movie reviews. Aaron gives a non-spoiler review of Jojo Rabbit, and Ped discusses 1917.

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