Kingdom Under Fire II: Endgame Impressions Part 1 (PC)

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Kingdom Under FIre II

Gameforge and Bluesides’s MMORTS, Kingdom Under Fire II, has quite a bit to do at the endgame when you first reach it upon climbing to level 30. From repeatable missions called climax missions to large-scale PvP. There’s something for just about everyone to do to keep busy. I’ll explain more in-depth what each variation of endgame activities I’ve been able to partake in, and those that I haven’t I’ll give a brief overview of what I’ve read about them being.

First is climax missions. You encounter these missions throughout the story of Kingdom Under Fire II and they are some of the more demanding and challenging maps you’ll run but now in the endgame, you will cycle through a series of about 6 different climax missions for your daily missions. Climax missions come in 2 variations: the traditional MMORTS x ARPG hybrid, like most missions, and Solo Hero mode. I personally prefer the solo hero modes as you don’t have to worry about micromanaging 1-3 other entities to progress smoothly through the mission.

Next would Crack Dimensions or Cracks for short. These missions are done in groups of four players who need to have a minimum of God’s Blessings to be able to “safely” clear these missions. This is merely a light gear check system but you can ignore it if you’re either with a coordinated team or running with friends who are stronger. These missions are altered versions of story missions with the caveat of them having multiple bosses at a time for you to defeat. As you clear the missions you can choose to move up the Ranks up to Rank 3. Each rank has a crack shards modifier so higher the rank the more shards receive.

The shards earned from Cracks can then be used to exchange for purple vision stones to upgrade your troops or other miscellaneous items that can be helpful. Next, we have the PvP, which has various iterations in Kingdom Under Fire II. There are the duels, which are part of your daily quests, which are 1v1 duels. You can also go into the coliseum or queue up for ranked 1v1 duels to earn coins that can be exchanged for purple items and also even a rare purple unit too.

Next is the PvP map where you and your troops battle it out against another player their troops to see who is the more competent strategist.

Finally, in the realm of PvP, we have battlegrounds which are massive 8v8 battles in which one team’s job is to infiltrate the defending team’s castle and destroy their crystal. This game mode is frantic and requires good coordination in order to be successful. I would recommend not running public matches of this as you could end up with players who will throw the match or not even pull their weight to let your team be successful.

We also have daily missions that begin at the level and more unlock at certain thresholds, whereby level 30 you will have five missions to complete for gold, cubits, and troop items. These missions are refreshed every day, but you can pay 2,000 gold to have them refreshed instantly. Though there’s much to do, the grind feels pointless at times for the only way to guarantee endgame items to craft better gear comes via spending loads of gold (that you currently have buffed for an event) in the auction house or attempting to solo every endgame mission (that requires 4 players) so you can guarantee you’ll earn something of worth from grinding out that content.

Another gripe would be the loot at endgame. It feels more scarce than when I was leveling up my character to the max level. Once you hit endgame it feels like you run into a wall with both gold pickups and gear to sell. Though there are still other factors of the endgame I’ve yet to experience, I shall hold off on talking about them until I get my hands on them to speak about them, so lookout for a part 2 to this article in the coming weeks.

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