Nerds Social Club – Episode 57

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The Rise of Skywalker - Nerd Social Club Episode 57

Episode 57 and the lads are diving into a galaxy far, far away. Ped gives Aaron his non-spoiler reaction to ‘Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker’. As an early holiday gift the guys, including Astro, are planning to record right before Christmas and delve into ALL the spoilers of Episode 9! So expect a bonus pod soon.

The guys also got to talk about episode 6 ‘The Prisoner’, and episode 7 ‘The Reckoning’. It’s safe to say the lads are excited about the future of ‘Star Wars’.

Finally on Episode 57, Aaron and Ped give their opinions on the finale of ‘Watchmen’, and their feelings on the season as a whole.

Everyone at Nerds Social Club would like to wish our listeners a happy holidays, and we appreciate your support and engagement! More to come from us in 2020!!

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