REVIEW: ‘Gryffen: Galaxy’s Most Wanted,’ Issue #9

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Gryffen Galaxy’s Most Wanted #9  - But Why Tho

Gryffen: Galaxy’s Most Wanted #9 is published by Starburns Industries Press, written by Ben Kahn (Heavenly Blues), with art by Bruno Hildago (Heavenly Blues), colors assists by James Peñafiel, and letters by Sal Cipriano. As Captain Lyla Gryffen travels the galaxy, they continue their quest to stop Admiral Hunter who so far has laid waste to multiple planets. But in order to stop her genocides, Gryffen was forced to lure her someplace secluded which is how they end up at the edge of the galaxy.

Gryffen: Galaxy’s Most Wanted #9 not only gives us the long-awaited confrontation between Gryffen and Admiral Hunter but also gives background into just how Gryffen went from an authoritarian supporter into an anti-fascist zealot. So far in the series, Gryffen’s origin has been shrouded in mystery and even their lover, Dao, is unaware of exactly how their tumultuous relationship with the Reach and Admiral Hunter began.

Gryffen: Galaxy’s Most Wanted is a hilarious space adventure and this issue is no different, however, this issue does change things dramatically for the series. The revelation about who Gryffen really is shocked not only me but their crewmates. While the repercussions of this revolution are just beginning to unfold, I can only imagine it will be catastrophic for the entire galaxy considering Gryffen’s ongoing mission to bring down the tyrannical Reach.

The issue, like the rest of the series, features incredible LGBTQ representation with Gryffen. Gryffen is a non-binary lead who has had relationships with both men and women. Their relationship with the more softspoken Dao, a super-genius and the go-to scientist on the ship, is one of my favorite aspects of the series. Dao manages to balance out Gryffen’s chaotic energy with his Spock-like logic and calmness. This issue tests their relationship in a new way and I look forward to seeing what plays out.

Outside of Kahn’s fantastic script, Hildago’s unique art style shines. With Peñafiel’s bright color assist, the book feels bright and helps to showcase the zany, otherworldly story. The character design for Gryffen is incredibly important in this issue and the two work together to make them stand out.

Overall, Gryffen: Galaxy’s Most Wanted #9 is an excellent issue that propels the series in a brand new direction. There are not a lot of comics out right now as unique as this series and for fans of Sci-Fi or similar books, like Saga, it is hard to imagine why you aren’t adding this to your must-reads. Additionally, anyone looking for good non-binary representation, which while is getting better is still hard to come by on comic shelves, should look no further than the titular character of Gryffen themselves.

Gryffen: Galaxy’s Most Wanted #9 is available now on online.

Gryffen: Galaxy’s Most Wanted #9


Overall, Gryffen: Galaxy’s Most Wanted #9 is an excellent issue that propels the series in a brand new direction.