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Far Sector #2 is published by DC Comics, written by N. K. Jemisin, art and colors by Jamal Campbell, and letters by Deron Bennett. Sojourner Mullein continues to learn how to navigate the labyrinthine politics and history of The City Enduring.  As the government-imposed emotional control continues to break down this new Green Lantern is left with lots of questions. She’s going to need to learn fast if she’s to get the answers in time.

Far Sector #2 picks up right where the last issue left off, with Green Lantern Mullein chasing the killer fleeing the scene of the latest murder. I thoroughly enjoyed this sequence, as it gave us one of our first looks at Mullein’s style of construct creation with her Green Lantern ring. The style and priorities with which a Green Lantern uses their ring are always telling of the character’s motivations and personality. I like what I see from the newest human Green Lantern.

The bulk of Far Sector #2 is spent dealing with Mullein’s continued struggle to get her bearing in this strange new world. In a society that has rejected emotions, Mullein is always on the outside looking in. Combine that with all the usual struggles of learning to live in a new place while still struggling with a new job, one cannot help but appreciate how overwhelmed Mullein must be.

While these themes are well handled in Far Sector #2, they don’t exactly grab me either. Writer Nemisin does a good job relating the story in a way that makes everything clear and concise, if a little plodding. That isn’t to say that I think the author wastes time or anything. All the story and background given is really important. It just isn’t handled in as interesting a manner as I would’ve preferred. But, to the author’s credit, introducing new characters alongside entire races and political situations is no small feat. I think Nemisin handles the task as well as could be reasonably expected.

While the writing is solid in Far Sector #2, it is the art that is the standout. Campbell continues to bring a unique look and feel to The City Enduring. There is always a special level of harmony present in comic art that is both drawn and colored,  by the same individual. Never has that harmony been more striking than in Far Sector. The bold changes of color palette keep each scene feeling distinct. Yet, those same palettes return repeatedly over the course of the issue, giving the book a feeling of unity at the same time. It is artistic magic.  I look forward to all the new visions Campbell has in store for readers in the coming issues.

When all is said and done, Far Sector #2 is a solid continuation of Green Lantern Mullein’s debut. While the story is a bit slow, it continues to flesh out its setting in important ways. This solid writing, coupled with its excellent visual representation, continues to make Far Sector a worthwhile read.

Far Sector #2 is available on December 11th wherever comics are sold.

Far Sector #2


When all is said and done, Far Sector #2 is a solid continuation of Green Lantern Mullein’s debut.

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