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Captain Marvel #13 - But Why Tho

Captain Marvel #13 is published by Marvel Comics, written by Kelly Thompson, art by Lee Garbett, colors by Tamra Bonvillain, and letters by Clayton Cowles. After defeating Thor last issue Carol sets her sights on Tony Stark. What could Vox Supreme possibly hold over Carol’s head to force her to such extreme actions? These answers and more are held in this latest chapter of Carol’s story.

There has been an overriding theme to writer Thompson’s run on Captain Marvel. In each storyline Carol’s powers have been used against her to an ever-increasing degree. In the initial story, Carol’s powers were both greatly diminished and then she was faced by Rogue. One who’s core power set was taken from Carol. In the follow-up story newcomer Star absorbs Carol’s strength forcing her to face her new enemy without her vaunted abilities. Now with this current storyline we see Thompson doing it again through the machinations of Vox Supreme. And like previous storylines, Carol Danvers will have to show the world what truly makes a hero.

Where the last issue was almost purely kinetic energy Captain Marvel #13 takes a step back for the better portion of it to catch readers up on what we missed be issues eleven and twelve. And while I won’t spoil the details going on behind the scenes I’m happy to say that Thompson has once again shown herself to be a writer worthy of my trust. The motivations and circumstances surrounding Carol’s current actions are par for the course. I love how we are finally getting some heavy action sequences showing off Carol’s powers, while not sacrificing the emotion and storytelling I’ve come to expect from this series.

The biggest change with Thompson’s approach to Carol in Captain Marvel #13 is that, instead of relying on her heart like in previous stories, Carol is instead forced to look to her tactical skills to find a solution to her current predicament. Her time both in the service, as well as a valued member of the Avengers will hopefully serve her well.

Meanwhile, the art on Captain Marvel #13 continues to do the story a great service. Garbett captures the shifting tone of the story nicely, The art keeps up nicely with the many moods of Carol Danvers. Allowing the full range of the character to be appreciated in the visual, as well as in the writing.

A nod also has to go out to the work of long-time series colorist Bonvillain in this issue. There is a bit of flashbacking here to catch up readers and I really appreciate what is done to differentiate the past from the present.

When all is said and done Captain Marvel #13 proves itself to be another worthy entry in this ongoing story. Thompson and crew continue to shine as they never fail to highlight that the best parts of our heroes aren’t their powers. Though they show us those are pretty cool too.

Captain Marvel #13 is available wherever comics are sold and online at ComiXology through our affiliate link.

Captain Marvel #13


When all is said and done Captain Marvel #13 proves itself to be another worthy entry in this ongoing story.