So Here’s What Happened in November 2019

Reading Time: 4 minutes

November has ended (and the year is almost over, can you believe it?) which means it’s time for a round-up of LaNeysha and Carolyn’s top entertainment picks for So Here’s What Happened!

Reading Corner

Tiamat’s Wrath

Carolyn follows up her October book recommendation Persepolis Rising by James S.A. Corey, with the sequel Tiamat’s Wrath, book eight in The Expanse novel series by James S.A. series. Colonization, imperialism, loneliness and grief are just some of the themes that run through Tiamat’s Wrath. Despite the years the crew of the Rocinante – and the readers – have spent with each other, writers Ty Franck, Daniel Abraham Despite continue to reveal more layers to them, making them even more complex and relatable.

Kabuki Omnibus Volume 1 

LaNeysha discusses Kabuki Omnibus Volume 1 that celebrates 25 years of David Mack’s original fantasy manga series and is a great collection for old and new fans alike to enjoy. Dark Horse Comics presents a fantasy manga that originally premiered in 1994, written and illustrated by David Mack. Kabuki Omnibus Volume 1 takes place in a not so distant future in Japan. The story follows a young female assassin who goes by the code-name “Kabuki.” She works as an operative for a covert government agency known as “Noh.”

TV Corner

Romance Is A Bonus Book

Yes, I’m back with another K-Drama recommendation, what can I say but I love them.  After her marriage falls apart, she looses her home and repeated rejections for a new job, Kang Dan Yi (Lee Na Young) tells a little lie to get an entry level job in a publishing company, where here childhood best friend Cha Eun Ho (Park Jung Suk) is the Editor-in-Chief. After being apart for years, Dan Yi and Eun Ho begin to realize they feel more than friendship for one another and discovery that like a book, life is filled with chapters where loss and love exist. If you’re in the mood for a thoughtful and endearing story about people finding their hidden strengths and the sweetest and easiest romance I’ve ever seen in a K-Drama, this is the one for you. Romance is a Bonus Book is available for streaming on Netflix.

The Mandalorian 

Like many others, LaNeysha has fallen in love with the precious cinnamon roll, Baby Yoda aka Yodito as our EIC Kate has named him. Overall the show is well-produced and very refreshing to have a Star Wars series that is existing on its own without any direct interaction with the Skywalkers and their drama. It’s a huge galaxy so why not explore all of the possibilities for new stories that don’t have to revolve around that lineage.

Movie Corner

Dolemite Is My Name

With an ensemble cast that stars Eddie Murphy, Wesley Snipes, Keegan-Michael Key, Titus Burgess Da’Vine Joy Randolph, Craig Robinson and Mike Epps, Dolemits is a hilarious, raucous, inspiring and touching film about never giving up and believing in yourself. Directed Craig Brewer, Dolemite follows the journey of comedian, actor and filmmaker Rudy Ray Moore (Eddie Murphy) finding his own unique rhythm on stage to film in the 70’s.  As Rudy, Murphy is the funniest he’s ever been as the tenacious comedian who never accepts rejection when others tell him he can’t achieve his dreams of making it in the film industry.

Queen & Slim 

In my opinion, Queen & Slim is a road film that is a form of protest-art that represents the current Black experience and allows Black audiences to be and feel seen. You can read my full review here.