Nerds Social Club – Episode 54

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Episode 54

Ped and Aaron are back for the Nerds Social Club podcast Episode 54! While it’s been a slow week in the world of entertainment news, the content that is available on demand is intense.

The lads discuss what they’re watching at the moment and why it’s the best time right now to be fan of literally anything nerdy. Sometimes however, concepts and ideas get taken a little too far, and some reboots and remakes probably need to be left alone.

Aaron and Ped take a look at reboot culture with the flop of Charlie’s Angels and Elizabeth Banks’ comments that the movie was let down by other factors not related to the film. The guys dive in to try examine what’s going on.

Episode 54 also features a pretty large discussion on two shows that are massively popular with the guys, Watchmen, and The Mandalorian.