Nerds Social Club – Episode 53

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Episode 53

Episode 53 and the lads finally got their hands on Disney+, but in a week where the new streaming service dominated the headlines, one trailer broke through the ranks to surprise everyone.

The first topic of Episode 53 was Sonic The Hedgehog. After a diabolical first outing for Sonic, the redesign of the character and the re-release of the trailer blew people away!

The main topic of the episode was Ped’s epic ordeal in getting access to the only thing he really wanted for Christmas. Listen the guys initial thoughts on Disney+ and what they watched in the first few days.

Aaron, and Ped also get into a non-spoiler discussion about episode 4 of Watchmen, Even though it is one of the most bizarre shows around, it’s also one of the most intriguing.

Lastly, the guys get in to a deep, SPOILER filled, discussion on episode 1 of The Mandalorian.