REDCAT presents Nao Bustamante is DELUSIONAL (on screen)

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Nao Bustamante

Celebrated LA-based artist, filmmaker, and performance art provocateur Nao Bustamante presents her first ever comprehensive survey of work in film, video, and performance documents, called Nao Bustamante is DELUSIONAL (on screen), tonight, Nov. 7th, 8:30pm at REDCAT (631 West 2nd Street, LA 90012). Presented by REDCAT in collaboration with Dirty Looks. You can purchase tickets here.

From Joan Rivers’ couch to Bravo’s Work of Art, few other artists have spread their hustle across screens quite like Nao Bustamante. In this first-ever comprehensive survey of the artist’s work in film, video and performance documents, Dirty Looks, in collaboration with REDCAT, assembles 25 years of a vital and rambunctious art practice. Playing a variety of televisual modes off of one another – Telenovela, True Crime, Reality TV and Artist’s Video – the program ricochets across media, ruminating on the brown body in an ever-shifting American pop culture landscape, questioning the role of the artist: to probe, exploit, engage and untangle this mess we’re in.

Silver & Gold, HD Video, 11min., 2009
Rosa Does Joan, video, 7min., 1994
Sans Gravity, 1min., 2000
Life Style (with Mads Lynneerup + Eamon Ore-Giron), video, 7min., 2000
Work of Art (“A Shock to the System,” Se.1 Ep.4), video, 5min. (excerpt), 2010
The Perfect Ones (with Matt Johnstone), video, 8min., 2006
Fantasy, video, 4min., 1998
A Story, video, 4min., 2005
Tableau, HD Video, 17min., 2013
Untitled #1, video, 4min., 2006
The Chain South, video, 7min., 1994
Reveal, HD video, 7min., 2015

About Nao

Nao BustamanteNao Bustamante is an internationally renowned artist, residing in Los Angeles, California. Bustamante’s precarious work encompasses performance art, video installation, filmmaking, sculpture and writing. Currently she holds the position of Professor of Art at the USC Roski School of Art and Design. There, she also serves at the Director of the MFA in Art. Her work has been screened and produced at institutions and festivals like The Museum of Modern Art, Sundance International Film Festival, MIX NYC, la Filmoteca de Andalucía and the Centre Pompidou.

Dirty Looks Inc is a platform for queer film, video and performance founded in 2011 by Bradford Nordeen. Using film and time-based art to illuminate queer histories and liminal spaces across Los Angeles and New York City, Dirty Looks traces contemporary queer aesthetics through historical works, presenting quintessential GLBTQ film and video, alongside up-and-coming artists and filmmakers. Dirty Looks exhibits a lineage of queer tactics and visual styles for younger artists, casual viewers and seasoned avant-garde filmgoers, alike. A nebulous collective, we have worked closely with Karl McCool, Clara López Menéndez, in addition to over 50 guest curators, through our month-long, city- spanning festival Dirty Looks: On Location.